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2nd Edition of the International Conference on Models of Information and Communication Systems (MICS'13)



Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICST) have witnessed a remarkable and speedy evolution in the last few years. Throughout this period, scientific research has provided a significant added value that has a direct impact on  innovation, productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of both companies and the civil society in different fields such as health, sustainable development, access to culture, e-learning, training as well as cyber-security. To accompany this development, ICST Alliance has recently been  founded by  a group of academic researchers, engineers, professionals, institutes and organisms so as to devlop and endorse research  in fields related to Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies .

The primary strategic aim of  ICST  Alliance is to promote synergy and added value by establishing high-quality, interdisciplinary research collaborations among researchers from different nations and by stimulating institutional and international collaborative projects and transfers of technologies.


To contribute to the development of scientific research, ICST Alliance has launched an initiative via which young researchers originating from  developing countries can benefit from scholarships covering full or partial registration fees in the different scientific manifestations that it organizes.